Thomson Energy provides a "no-frills" low overhead professional approach. We ensure implementation achieves energy savings while meeting the design specifications.

Thomson Energy's programs are designed to increase your profits by limiting your liability and expenses. We enhance the quality of your products and buildings with certified savings.

Infared Imaging:
Infrared inspections can recognize and predict repairs while machinery is working at full capacity, allowing for a controlled shut-down instead of emergency repairs. Documenting with a VHS recording can allow regular maintenance to keep equipment in top working performance.

Using Thomson Energy to document inspections can help plan for capital expenditures and verify needed improvements so that costly mistakes are not made while correcting deterioration, or making changes and corrective actions. This type of documentation is very valuable when requesting a follow-up inspection for warranty purposes.

Thomson Energy delivers by lowering your costs and improving your profit margins:
  • Innovative technology application
  • Building efficiency and performance
  • Comfort and safety